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Cookie Notice

Cookie Notice

This Cookie Notice applies to the use of the services provided by MIMO LIVE SALES through the Platform available at www.mimo.com.br.
n respect of the protection of personal data of its Users, MIMO LIVE SALES establishes this Cookie Notice and the Privacy Notice, available at www.mimo.com.br/cookies and www.mimo.com.br/privacy, in order to inform and ensure transparency to Users about the use and treatment of personal data collected during the use of the Platform.
This Cookie Notice is applicable to the three types of Users: (i) Shopper; (ii) Seller and (iii) Host, as well as Visitors, all defined in the Platform's Terms and Conditions of Use, available on the MIMO LIVE SALES platform and website www.mimo.com.br/cookies
The Cookies Notice must always be interpreted in conjunction with the Platform's Terms and Conditions of Use, with the MIMO LIVE SALES Privacy Notice, available at www.mimo.com.br/privacy and with the Sales Policy, available at the MIMO LIVE SALES Platform.

1. Application

1.1. This Cookie Notice is exclusively applicable to personal data collected through the Platform or the MIMO LIVE SALES website, web pages and their contents, in addition to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other websites or social networks, and their respective contents (“Sites”), accessed by the User or Visitor through a computer, mobile device, technology or other device (“Device”).
1.2. It is available on the Platform's homepage and must be read prior to browsing the Site, and the simple use of the platform, with browsing on the Site, is considered as acceptance of this Cookies Notice.

2. Definition

2.1. MIMO LIVE SALES uses similar cookies and tools in the websites to amplify the performance and improve the User experience.
2.2. Cookie is a text file inserted in the Device. They help analyze network traffic and allow network applications to respond to you individually. The web application may adjust operations to needs, likes and dislikes by compiling and recording information about the User's preferences. Some of them may contain personal data – for example, if the User clicks on “remember me when logging in to the Platform”, a cookie may store your username. Most cookies do not collect personal data that identifies the User, but will collect general information, such as the way in which the User locates and makes use of the Sites or the general location of the User.

3. Purpose

3.1. Cookies or similar files may be inserted by MIMO LIVE SALES on the User's Device for security purposes, so that MIMO LIVE SALES can know if the User has visited the Sites before, to remember the User's language preferences, if the User is a new Visitor or to facilitate navigation through the Site, and to personalize the User's experience when visiting the Sites. Cookies allow MIMO LIVE SALES to collect technical and navigation information, such as browser type, time spent on the Sites and pages visited. Cookies also allow MIMO LIVE SALES to select which of the advertisements or offers are most attractive to each User and display them when the User visits the Sites. They can improve the User's online experience by saving their preferences while visiting a specific website. Generally, cookies help MIMO LIVE SALES to offer the User a better Website, as they allow MIMO LIVE SALES to monitor the pages that the User considers useful or not. The cookie does not grant access to the Device or to information about the User, except for data that the User chooses to share.

4. Cookies Types

4.1. Cookies used in the websites can be divided in the following categories:
(a) Session Cookies: These cookies are used “in session”, each time the User visits and then expire when you leave a website or shortly after: they are not stored on the Device permanently, do not contain no personal data and help minimize the need to transfer personal data over the internet. They may be deleted or the user may refuse to allow their use, but this will impair the performance and your experience of using the Sites. In addition, they use time stamps that record when the User accesses and when the User leaves a Site.
(b) Tracking Cookies: They allow the recognition of visitors who return to the Sites. By combining a randomly generated anonymous identifier, the tracking cookie keeps track of where the User of the Sites came from, the search engine they may have used, the link they clicked on, the password used and their geographic location when accessing a Site. By monitoring this data, MIMO LIVE SALES may make improvements to the Sites.
(c) Persistent Cookies: This type of cookie is saved on the Device for a fixed period (sometimes for a few hours, sometimes for a year or more) and is not deleted when the browser is closed. Persistent cookies are used when MIMO LIVE SALES needs to remember who the User is for more than one browsing session. For example, this type of cookie may be used to store preferences so that they are remembered on a next visit to the Site.
(d) Analytical or Performance Cookies: Performance cookies are used to analyze how the Sites are used and to monitor their performance, which allows MIMO LIVE SALES to improve the User experience when using the Sites. These cookies help to adapt the content of the Sites to reflect what Users find most interesting and to identify when technical problems with the Sites arise. This data may also be used to compile reports that help analyze how the Sites are used, what the most common issues are and how the Sites can be improved.
4.2. They can be blocked, upon the User's option to refuse Cookies. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but the User can change the browser setting to refuse cookies, if he/she prefers. If the User prefers not to accept cookies, most browsers allow you to: (i) change the browser settings to notify you when you receive a cookie, so the User can choose whether or not to accept it, (ii) disable existing cookies or (iii) set the browser to automatically reject cookies. However, remember that if the User deactivates or rejects cookies, some features and services of the Sites may not work properly, as MIMO LIVE SALES may not recognize them and not associate them with the registration on the Platform. Furthermore, the offers displayed when entering the Sites may not be as relevant to the User or not tailored to the User's interests.

5. General Provisions

5.1. Except for what may be complemented by Mimo Lives standards, MIMO LIVE SALES guidelines and policies, such as, for example, the Cookie Notice, which is part of this Cookies Notice; this Cookies Notice constitutes the entire agreement between MIMO LIVE SALES and the User or Visitor with respect to the subject matter hereof.
5.2. The nullity or ineffectiveness of any of the provisions of this Cookies Notice will not affect the validity and effectiveness of the other Clauses, which will be fully complied with, forcing the parties to use their best efforts in order to validly achieve the same effects of the provision that has been canceled or has become ineffective.
5.3. All notices, communications and notifications will be made electronically and sent by MIMO LIVE SALES by e-mail, by notification through the MIMO LIVE SALES Website or by messaging services.
5.4. The Court in the judicial district of São Paulo, State of São Paulo was chosen is elected as the only one competent to resolve doubts or controversies arising from these Terms, the Parties waiving any other, however privileged it may be.

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