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Sell 10x more than
e-commerce with MIMO

IntegrationIntegrationWe integrate with your e-commerce, Magento, Shopify, VNDA, Vtex and other e-commerces. Everything on your website or app.
Higher ConversionHigher ConversionWhile e-commerce achieves a conversion rate of 1.6%, Mimo's frictionless experience average is at 10% reaching up to 30% in some segments.
TrainingTrainingFull training before, during and after live with Mimo's expert team, in addition to it, there will be an online course on how to sell via live.
EcosystemEcosystemPartnership with major production companies, influencers and marketing agencies that are already working in live commerce, with perks and features offered to Mimo customers.

Full Service

In addition to an intelligent live commerce platform with an integrated solution, we have a team to help throughout the entire process:
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We help brands with the selection and quantity of products, video scripts and the best triggers to the live commerce (FOMO) as well as the disclosure strategy and templates.
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You can have the greatest Live Commerce experts producing your Live!
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After the live, we share a full data report. It brings useful information and analysis to produce even better lives.
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How does it

With Mimo's Live Commerce technology, the consumer enters, interacts, asks questions in the chat about products and buys in the same screen.
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Ilan Vasserman
“Live commerce really came to stir up retail. Besides technology, Mimo provides planning and leverages the best of the brand during the live video. The outcome is unbelievable.”

Ilan Vasserman, Co-Founder

Júlia Spengler
“While a physical store receives five to ten customers at a time, in a live commerce these numbers rise to thousands of people attending the live sales. Our experience has surpassed all our expectations.”

Júlia Spengler, Marketing Coordinator

Paula Proushan
“Mimo's course on how to sell via live streaming was great to train my team. Now we have a trained team that leads live videos thanks to Mimo's consulting.”

Paula Proushan, Co-Founder

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