Sales through live videos: what are they and how do they work?

A comprehensive live video sales guideline: all you need to know to sell through shopstreaming. 

Have you ever heard of live video sales? The concept is still new here in Brazil, but many brands like Riachuelo, Lojas Americanas and Renner have already tried out this new sales channel. We are talking about shopstreaming, that is, the merger of live streaming and e-commerce, a trend that has been bringing huge results in Asian markets like China and South Korea.  

Still in baby steps around here, but with a lot of potential to grow, live video sales have been gaining space and becoming the consumers’ darling. Take it easy if you are a little lost, in this article we will answer all the questions you may have about shopstreaming and give you valuable tips so that you can understand how to produce successful live videos. Keep on reading to check out all that!  

 What are sales through live videos?

Live video sales, also known as,, Shopstreaming, is an interactive and practical way to show and sell your products to customers. It is a full experience that takes place on only one screen. Unlike e-commerce, in which the consumers shop on the company’s website, put in the cart and proceed to checkout, shopstreaming provides a more unique and full experience.  

When a brand decides to sell through shopstreaming it establishes a partnership with an influencer who will be responsible for explaining and showing the product, besides answering questions and interacting with the public. Basically, it is the combination of entertainment and consumption due to the fact that influencers make communication more informal and lighter. 

In addition, shopstreaming is practical and simple, that is, with a few clicks people can buy whatever they wish without having to change webpages, which is an integrated and more interesting experience for the ones who sell and buy. 

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How to sell through shopstreaming?

The good news is that shopstreaming sales can be very easy. By selling through Mimo – the first shopstreaming platform in Brazil – there is no need of an initial investment on the grounds that we pay commissions, therefore, if you are a brand and wish to benefit from a new sales channel, shopstreaming may be a great opportunity. 

1. Find a shopstreaming platform

 First and foremost, do not forget that to be successful in live videos it is extremely important to find a good partner. Mimo provides an “all on one screen” experience in which everything takes place on only one screen. It means that during the live video the customer will not be forwarded to another screen while shopping. 

2. Determine the way and how the products will be shown

It is also important to define what the live video will be like, that is, if there will be games, quizzes or other moves to be used. Besides, it is necessary to be clear about which products will be advertised and which ones will have discounts or special payment conditions. 

3. Choose a Host

 Choosing a Host is essential because he/she should fit the brand and add value to the message to be put forward. It is not enough to choose an influencer with a lot of followers if he/she does not match with the brand’s essence and identity. Oh, remember that more than one influencer can participate in the live video. 

4. Promote the live video

 In order to be successful, it is important to promote the live video in the brand’s channels and also in the influencers’ social media so that it can appeal to an interesting public. 

 How to explain your product in a live video? 

One of the factors that makes shopstreaming peculiar is that it allows the influencer not only to talk about the product, but also to show it. It is obvious that a live video requires planning and organization, but the goal is to make this sales format more casual by providing more freedom and flexibility.  

As for clothing, for instance, it is possible to match many pieces to have several looks. When it comes to make up, there may be live tutorials to show all the process. It is also possible to test and exemplify how electronic devices work. 

Basically, the most important thing is to show the distinguishing features and give opportunity to consumers to see the product being used or tested. Just imagine how good it is for consumers interested in a certain t-shirt to see some looks and options to wear it. That really can influence their purchase decision. 

Communication must be clear, honest and simple. It is essential that influencers put the message forward in an authentic way and tell the truth about products features. 

How to grab the customer’s attention in a live video? 

Grabbing customers’ attention to live sales may be a challenge. However, not to lose public midway it is recommended to use distinctive dynamics. Organizing the script along with the influencer is a good idea too. 

By the way, it is important to highlight that more than one influencer may be invited to the live video. Although the final goal is to show the product, quizzes, games or even a special performance may also be good options. Creating spontaneous interactions with the public is an amazing strategy as well, by asking them to send suggestions or questions. People love feeling themselves as part of the content they consume. 

What are the benefits of live sales?

In 2016, when live streaming was still starting, it was already a 320 billion-dollar market. The prediction is that it will increase more than the double by 2021, which would make it in a 70 billion-dollar industry. 

The accelerated growth stems from a great deal of advantages of live sales. The brand, the influences and the shopper profit with this new sales channel. Mimo, in its turn, has exclusive benefits for the brand, the influencer and the shopper. Check it all out! 

 Advantages to the brand

Low investment 

This new sales channel is exactly what brands seeking to have high return with a low investment need. Reach and engagement may be very high and no huge costs are involved.  

 Interaction opportunity

People are increasingly willing to connect to brands and influencers. A live video can provide an environment in which customers not only consume content, but also send questions. 

 High conversion rates

As you may have noticed, shopsteaming brings on relevant results if well operated. It is an opportunity to boost brands’ sales. 

Advantage to the influencer 


Live videos of great brands are an opportunity for digital influencers who wish to grow and gain more space in the media.

A new profitability way

Either by fees or commissions, influencers may have a high financial return.  

Credibility from the public 

By connecting to brands that strengthen their image, influencers raise their own credibility. 

Advantages to the shopper

Discounts and special payment conditions

During a live video, it is very common for brands to offer special payment conditions to the ones watching it. 


Being able to ask questions and Interact with the influencer during a live video makes the experience unique. 

Promptness while shopping 

In addition, the purchase is performed after a few clicks, that is, it’s very easy to proceed to checkout during the ongoing video. 

Get to know Mimo, the first shopstreaming platform in Brazil

 Did you like to know more about this new sales trend? Mimo is part of this revolution in the market and we would like to invite you to follow everything we have been creating. You will soon be able to watch live videos of a great deal of brands all day long on our platform. We have been preparing an incredible experience for you! 

 If you want to start the countdown, subscribe and find out more about us. Click here to get to know Mimo and register your email. 

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