Sales-driven influencers: what are the benefits?

How to hire influencers to sell by means of shopstreaming? 

Shopstreaming is a new way of shopping online that has been trendy in China and South Korea and has been gaining strength in Brazil. What is essential to understand here is how to have sales-driven influencers. By the way, what is the difference between shopstreaming with influencers and influencers’ advertising on their own Instagram?  

 We can assure you that there is an array of differences: shopstreaming involves exclusive discounts and eases consumers purchase journey by providing an outright experience. Keep reading to have all your questions answered. We will help you understand more about shopstreaming world. Follow us! 

How to have sales-driven influencers in shopstreaming? 

A survey carried out by Qualibest has revealed utmost data when it comes to the use of sales-driven influencers. To start with, the study has highlighted that among Brazilians online, 71% follow some influencer. What’s more, 55% state that they are used to checking celebrities’ opinions on internet before shopping for something important; 86% has already found out a new product through an influencer and 73% state that they have already bought something because of a digital influencer’s recommendation. 

 Up to this point, you have already noticed that sales strategies involving digital influencers are such an advantageous investment, isn’t it? So, imagine if you can have those people in shopstreaming to boost your revenue.  

It should be clear that when it comes to having sales-driven influencers in shopstreaming the format is different from publi posts, that is, paid publicity in the influencer’s own channel. Shopstreaming refers to a live video to which the brand hires an influencer to advertise and show certain products: it is basically the combination of live streaming with e-commerce. 

 It is, therefore, an interactive and simplified purchase experience where consumers can shop for the products they wish after a few clicks and ask questions in the chat box while the video is ongoing. On the other hand, when an influencers posts ads in their Instagram feeds, for instance, the experience is by far more limited: there is no instant interaction and, in case people show interest in buying a product they have to access the company’s webpage and look for it. We cannot deny that shopstreaming is way too simpler, isn’t it? 

 How has shopstreaming come up?

 Do you remember those commercials that were very common on TV some time ago in which hosts kept on advertising and showing products at the same time they offered discounts? That was a primary version of shopstreaming. When e-commerce didn’t exist or had no power as it does today that used to be an interesting way of selling. 

 Well, but then internet has stirred up the market and for years people have been shopping online. With COVID-19 pandemic e-commerce has been boosted. Shopstreaming is an evolution in the way people shop online. 

China has the greatest live streaming market share in the world and they are very skillful to link commerce and entertainment by hiring sales-driven influencers in an awesome way. For instance, a Deloitte report has estimated that the number of livestreaming viewers in China in 2018 exceeded 456 million.

 That happens because there is a yawning gap between simply putting an influencer’s picture on your website and promoting a live video with him/her. The shopstreaming is part of the consumer’s discovery journey in Chinese market. In China, companies such as Taobao have more than 4,000 hosts in live transmissions, which results in 150 million hours of daily content. 

It is goundbreaking, isn’t it? And the good news is that this trend has been spreading all over the world, including Brazil. 

What are the benefits of shopstreaming to influencers?

The advantages of shopstreaming are various to all the ones involved in the process. Not only brands, but also influencers and shoppers benefit from it. Check out below some of the main benefits for influencers. 

 A new profitability channel

Shopstreaming is a possibility for influencers to generate more income by earning commissions over sales.   

More exposure

Some people may watch a live video because they know the brand and, not necessarily the influencer at stake, which may be beneficial to him/her in terms of professional growth and exposure. 

A new interaction channel

 In this case, the live video does not take place in the influencers’ social media feed and, therefore, through shopstreaming they have a new channel to interact with their fans in real time. It means that the exchange is much closer. 

 It raises credibility 

 When influencers associate to a brand that has a strong image in the market they gain credibility. 

 Who are the best sales-driven influencers and what do they do?

 It is not necessary to have millions of followers to be an influencer. Most of the times, a brand’s strategy is to hire micro influencers who have between 10,000 and 100,000 followers. 

A survey carried out by MindMiners in 2019 pointed out that the most remembered influencers that year were Whindersson Nunes, Felipe Neto and Carlinhos Maia. However, does it mean they will bring results to the brands? Not necessarily. The best sales-driven influencers are the ones who are involved with the business niche of the brand at stake 

In addition to having a loyal and significant public, it is of utmost importance that the publicity is legitimate, otherwise it ends up sounding very artificial. Apart from that, we have to take into account that it is extremely important to understand to which image the brand wishes to be associated because that partnership will make people directly link the brand to the influencer and vice-versa. 

 Talk to Mimo

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