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Everyone has already watched a live video at least once. But how about shopping at the same time?

Mimo Live is an innovative way to buy and sell online.
A platform where you can watch Lives from your favorite stores and buy at the same time.

Are you saying
“Live Shopping”?

1. The brand starts a live video
2. You access to watch and check the products
3. You can interact or ask questions
4. You buy the products being shown
5. You proceed to checkout!

Be part of the future.

“Live Shopping”?

That's right. A trend that has arisen in China and is conquering the world. It is worth over 100 billion dollars.

Some people call it “Shopstreaming”,
“Live Sales” or even “Live Commerce”.

To cut a long story short, we are talking about sales through Livestreams.

An innovative idea able to transform
the way we buy and sell.

Online shopping becomes

a full experience:

. Your product gains trust put forward by influencers
. You get a new sales channel
. Live videos are unlimited
. It is interactive
. You only need to spend time opening and watching live videos.


Que legal que você quer vender na Mimo.

São inúmeras vantagens:

- Lives ilimitadas
- Um esquema Win-Win de comissão
- Pode vender para o mundo todo
- Um novo canal de venda e nova forma de monetização
- Um novo formato para eventos
- Baixíssimo investimento

O primeiro passo é mandar os seguintes dados:

E-commerce platform